Chainpro made some accusations, claiming a user named “Jerichosissy” to be Fluffy who logged on with that account to frame ACP for multilogging.


Well…. Jerichosissy made a join comment last night at 11:08 pm.


I underlined the interesting parts:


Chainpro claimed Fluffy and Jerichosissy have the same IP, but Jerichosissy’s IP from this comment is different than any comment Fluffy or anyone else has made. This can be seen by the fact that there is only 1 comment on our site with this IP.


Fluffy is not framing you.

I think it’s a legit troop. And now he/she hates you for banning LOL.

One Response

  1. Amen. Besides, I was banned on ACP chat before this war even started.

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