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Battle of Bob Sled, the better side of ACP?

Alright, so we logged onto Bob Sled today and we faced an originally smaller force from the Army of Cute Ponies. We started off at the Ice Berg with poor tactics, and we loaded our m1 salsands preparing for an ACP onslaught. Instead, a group of hilarious bots decided to raid our battle spamming tactics against ACP. I was having a good time, but they kinda screwed up our tactics. We proceeded to move to the Dock where a larger ACP force followed. We both got into diagonal lines and performed good tactics against one another. Throughout the battle, I was talking to retired CP Army Legend Shaboomboom and he actually turned out to be a pretty cool/nice guy. He apologized for ACP posting pictures of me on the site, and we actually had a nice conversation. Towards the end of the battle, ACP made a large comeback. Noble 2ic of the Army of Cute Ponies, Chainpro graciously surrendered the battle to us.

Today, I saw a side of the Army of Club Penguin that resembles us. Guys that just wanna play the game/help out. Seeing Chainpro surrender so graciously and even congratulating us on a well fought battle proved he’s a more mature and better leader than Trader/Bam and maybe even myself. Well, we keep the server and here’s some pictures of it. Thanks to all the mods who came, there was a strong showing of you guys today.

Oh and the Kivivn squad was born today.


Absolute props to Chain, the real “leader” looking figure in ACP.

Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho Leader****

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  2. lol inb4 chain fired

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