Breaking News, Sabertooth drenched in urine

The armies of the Holy Nachonnian Empire triumphed over the server Sabertooth today at the expense of an ACP no show. ACP is literally the most pussy army ever. They’re only helping us, considering we’re just taking servers from them like it’s nothing. It’s like stealing candy (or anything) from a baby. We began at the Ice Berg after a sacrifice to Thor. We expected to see ACP in a generic half circle formation there, but were met with no enemy. We decided to go take out an extreme training Barracks at the Dojo and even recruited Sensei into the Nachos. After that, we ran to ACP’s most heavily armed Fort on the Island and proclaimed our conquest. Afterwards, I went back to the berg, whipped my dick out, and took a nice piss on the berg. That’s what they get for not attending.

I was a little dissappointed in attendance, especially after promotion day. Thanks to all those who attended, and thanks for Stone/Green for pictures.


Screenshot at Mar 30 11-01-27.png

Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho Leader****

2 Responses

  1. I was there …. and lol kev

  2. I came to it. I wish that it lasted for longer.

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