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Leaving The Nachos For a While

Hola nachos and this is just a quick announcement to say that i willl be leaving the nachos for a while. But i will return. And i will be better. And i will be more active than ever before. I am pretty much going away for a while because of problems/issues in my family which i wish not to state at this time. And by a while i mean 4-5 months. I really wish i could stay but these family issues are just taking up too much of my time. Plus i am permanantly moving to Denmark which will be a problem aswell. I will be sure to come on chat and check up every now and then while i am away but for the next few months i will pretty much be inactive due to family issues and moving back to Denmark. So i guess i will see you all around.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So peace out for a while i guess.

Oh and before i go i would like to thank these nachos for helping me and being all round good friends

  • Dan101
  • Stone523
  • B Batman 3 aka Kevin
  • Legofan
  • Bubba
  • Hazie
  • Conno
  • Guitar
  • Rakejen
  • Jammi Dodger
  • Saltinee123

11 Responses

  1. That’s bad.. 😦
    But..best if luck!!

  2. Farewell Celtic,, you will be missed greatly. I’m very proud to have served with you. Your catch phrase was something that stuck with me too. “Half Danish, half Scottish, full Nacho.” Come back soon, we lost a great owner today.

    • Ye i will be sure to come back around October time aka my birthday time and will be checking up quite reguluarly like once a week. Will try and fit the tournaments final in

  3. Bye Celtic. You’ll be missed and hopefully i’ll be seeing you in October 😉


    ~Hazie65673 Nacho 3ic~

  4. Celtic, you are an amazing Nacho. Hope your family issues turn out good and the nachos will be strong for you.

  5. You’re an awesome owner and really helped shape the UK Division. Good luck with everything, looking forward to your visits!

  6. Fine just forgret be fgt

  7. good luck man (i only just noticed this post) *facepalm*

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