Cleanse of Ice Age [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos!

Today our UK Division logged on to Ice Age to cleanse it after both we and the ACP claimed victory in our first battle on this server. We maxed a cool 18 troops, primarily mods and members as Bubba, Hazie, and I were the only owners online. We were bot AND chat raided by this faggot irrelevant person named Diel from the RPF, so I don’t have many good pictures until I lead everyone into the EPF Command Room where the bots couldn’t get in. Great job to all who attended! Read on for pictures!

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-42-20.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-42-58.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-43-49.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-44-07.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-43-32.png


Screenshot at Apr 01 17-45-50.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-45-26.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-44-25.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-45-33.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-45-20.png

Screenshot at Apr 01 17-42-38.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
– Nacho Army Leader

4 Responses

  1. I came:)

  2. I was there : )

  3. If you get bot raided, go to THE EPF command room. Boys can’t get into there

  4. I came but my internet connection stopped working so I wasn’t there at the end.

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