Invasion of Bean Bag [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos, 

Today we invaded Bean Bag to regain it from the ACP, after we lost it on March 26th. We faced no opposition so it was an easy win. We tried to get creative with the tactics we could use on a safechat server, and we went from the Town to the Hidden Lake. We maxed 13, read on for pics!







Screenshot at Apr 04 15-56-13.png

Screenshot at Apr 04 15-56-38.png

Screenshot at Apr 04 15-57-04.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

5 Responses

  1. I was there 🙂

  2. I came

  3. I was there!

  4. I came to it! I quite like battles on safechat servers because it can be interesting and a variety to the normal servers.

  5. I was there , Centaur17 Still banned lol

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