Nacho Heavyweight Championship


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Champion? The Nacho Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs. It will be defended in the form of a Card Jitsu battle. The Nacho Championship is the main championship in the Nacho Empire and it will be up for grabs every few days.


  • To be champion, you must be in Nacho’s or associated with closely.
  • You must defend your Championship against whoever is the Number One Contender
  • If you quit Nachos, the championship will be declared vacant.
  • If you no show a title defence, you will lose via countout.

How to Become #1 Contender:

  • Be active on chat
  • Attend events
  • Follow chat rules

How to Play:

  • Card Jitsu rules apply
  • Print screen the result at the end so I can award the title to the winner

The first inaugural champion will be decided soon! 

2 Responses

  1. I’m in!

  2. IM IN

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