Hola mis amigos, ‘Tis I!


‘The Grand Nachonnia’ Designed by: Fluffy

Hola Nachos!

It’s your friendly neighborhood Camper, John! I am here to tell you all that Kevin, Dan, and Stone have entrusted the duty of Nacho Leader to me.

I thank all of them for giving this position to me, and will not let them down. 😀


I have very good things in mind for us Nachos, and I know we’re all going to have quit the FABULOUS time together!

With my promotion to leader, I have officially declared the flag above to be the new Nacho Empire Flag! [Created by Fluffy, tell him ily and thanks for making the cool flag when you see him on chat]


Anyways, that’s pretty much it! And just for confirmation to Night Warriors and the butt whooping the SS delivered, you wont be pullin any bs claims while I’m here, so sorry pals!

Yes, It is indeed

“You love a good fish don’t you?”


   -Camperus Johnicus


4 Responses

  1. hi cmpurjhn46 im gld to hv u as a ledur! heil nchonniaz!!!!!

  2. OMG Camper is leader again!! :O Hail Nachonnia!

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