End Of War With ACP

Hola Nachos,

After over a month of battles with the ACP, the war has finally come to an end. The war began on March 16 when we invaded ACP’s co-capital server Snow Fort, and since then there has been a total of 42 battles on 29 different servers, plenty of invasions and defences from both sides. The reality is that this war started getting boring this past couple of weeks, it felt like we were just dragging it on. So we have decided to end the war in mutual agreement, all captured servers returned. Here is the treaty:

Continue reading for more information about the war.

Throughout the war I kept a log of all the battles that were fought so you can see the war on a timeline. Though it’s obviously from our point of view, it lists the winner of each side and the overall war score, which was 30-12 in our favour. There were 5 instances in which both sides claimed victory, so if those 5 victories are given to ACP, the score would be 25-17 in our favour. You should also note that only battles that were scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and for which at least 1 side posted about it are included. Also cleanses are not included in the war score, only invasions or defences. The Servers gained and Servers lost sections do not matter since all servers have been returned.


Mar 16
Invasion of Snow Fort [NACHO VICTORY]      1-0
Nachos capture Snow Fort

Defence of Fjord [ACP VICTORY]                  1-1
ACP captures Fjord

Mar 17
Invasion of Fjord [NACHO VICTORY]              2-1
Nachos regain Fjord

Mar 18
Defence of Crunch [NACHO VICTORY]           3-1
Nachos keep Crunch

Mar 19
Invasion of Breeze [NACHO VICTORY]            4-1
Nachos capture Breeze

Defence of Sleet [ACP VICTORY]                   4-2
ACP captures Sleet

Mar 21
Invasion of Cabin [NACHO VICTORY]              5-2
Nachos capture Cabin

Mar 22
Invasion of Cream Soda [NACHO VICTORY]     6-2
Nachos capture Cream Soda

Invasion of Sleet [NACHO VICTORY]               7-2
Nachos regain Sleet

Mar 23
Invasion of Ice Shelf [NACHO VICTORY]          8-2
Nachos capture Ice Shelf

Invasion of Shiver [NACHO VICTORY]              9-2
Nachos capture Shiver

Mar 24
Invasion of Aurora [NACHO VICTORY]            10-2
Nachos capture Aurora

Invasion of Boots [NACHO VICTORY]              11-2
Nachos capture Boots

Mar 25
Invasion of Snowbound [NACHO VICTORY]     12-2
Nachos capture Snowbound

Mar 26
Defence of Bean Bag [ACP VICTORY]             12-3
ACP captures Bean Bag

Defence of North Pole [NACHO VICTORY]      13-3
Nachos keep North Pole
(ACP claims victory, therefore disputed. See Disputed Land section.)

Defence of Walrus [NACHO VICTORY]            14-3
Nachos keep Walrus
(ACP claims victory, therefore disputed. See Disputed Land section.)

Mar 27
Defence of Ice Age [NACHO VICTORY]           15-3
Nachos keep Ice Age
(ACP claims victory, therefore disputed. See Disputed Land section.)

Invasion of Christmas [NACHO VICTORY]       16-3
Nachos capture Christmas

Defence of Ice Berg [NACHO VICTORY]          17-3
Nachos keep Ice Berg

Invasion of Outback [NACHO VICTORY]          18-3
Nachos capture Outback

Defence of Big Surf [NACHO VICTORY]           19-3
Nachos keep Big Surf

Mar 28
Defence of Snow Angel [TIE]                          20-3
Nachos keep Snow Angel
(ACP claims victory, therefore disputed. See Disputed Land section.)

Defence of Yeti [NACHO VICTORY]                 21-3
Nachos keep Yeti
(ACP claims victory, therefore disputed. See Disputed Land section.)

Mar 29
Invasion of Sabertooth [NACHO VICTORY]       22-3
Nachos capture Sabertooth

Defence of Bob Sled [NACHO VICTORY]          23-3
Nachos keep Bob Sled

Mar 30
Invasion of Flurry [NACHO VICTORY]              24-3
Nachos capture Flurry

April 3
Defence of North Pole [ACP VICTORY]           24-4
ACP captures North Pole

Invasion of Breeze [NACHO VICTORY]            25-4
Nachos capture Breeze

Defence of Flurry [ACP VICTORY]                  25-5
ACP captures Flurry

Defence of Sabertooth [ACP VICTORY]          25-6
ACP regains Sabertooth

April 4
Defence of Christmas [NACHO VICTORY]       26-6
Nachos keep Christmas

Invasion of Bean Bag [NACHO VICTORY]         27-6
Nachos regain Bean Bag

Defence of Fiesta [ACP VICTORY]                  27-7
ACP captures Fiesta

Defence of Bobsled [ACP VICTORY]               27-8
ACP captures Bobsled

April 7
Defence of Walrus [ACP VICTORY]                27-9
ACP captures Walrus

April 8
Invasion of Summit [NACHO VICTORY]          28-9
Nachos capture Summit

April 9
Defence of Sparkle [ACP VICTORY]               28-10
ACP captures Sparkle

April 11
Defence of Cozy [ACP VICTORY]                   28-11
ACP captures Cozy

April 12
Defence of Crunch [NACHO VICTORY]           29-11
Nachos keep Crunch

April 15
Defence of Crunch [NACHO VICTORY]           30-11
Nachos keep Crunch

April 16
Defence of Summit [ACP VICTORY]               30-12
ACP regains Summit

Servers gained:
-Snow Fort (3/13)
-Cream Soda (3/22)
-Ice Shelf (3/23)
-Shiver (3/23)
-Aurora (3/24)
-Boots (3/24)
-Snowbound (3/25)
-Christmas (3/27)
-Outback (3/27)

Servers lost:
-North Pole (4/3)
-Flurry (4/3)
-Bobsled (4/4)
-Walrus (4/7)
-Sparkle (4/9)
-Cozy (4/11)

Servers lost and then regained:
-Fjord (lost on 3/16, regained on 3/17)
-Sleet (lost on 3/19, regained on 3/22)
-Bean Bag (lost on 3/26, regained on 4/3)
-Fiesta (lost on 4/4, regained on 4/6)

Disputed land (both sides claimed victory):
-North Pole (3/26): See Note 1
-Walrus (3/26): See Note 2
-Ice Age (3/27): See Note 3
-Snow Angel (3/28): See Note 4
-Yeti (3/28): See Note 5

Servers in which battles commenced [29]:
Snow Fort
Fjord [2]
Cream Soda
Sleet [2]
Ice Shelf
Bean Bag
North Pole
Ice Age
Ice Berg
Big Surf
Snow Angel
Bob Sled
North Pole [2]
Breeze [2]
Flurry [2]
Sabertooth [2]
Christmas [2]
Bean Bag [2]
Bobsled [2]
Walrus [2]
Crunch [2]
Crunch [3]
Summit [2]

1) Update 3/31: Nachos cleansed North Pole, it is no longer disputed land.
Update 4/3: ACP successfully invaded North Pole.

2) Update 3/31: Nachos cleansed Walrus, it is no longer disputed land.

3) Update 4/1: Nachos cleansed Ice Age, it is no longer disputed land.

4) Update 4/1: Nachos cleansed Snow Angel, it is no longer disputed land.

5) Update 4/18: Nachos cleansed Yeti, it is no longer disputed land.


Awesome job to everyone who participated in the battles. The next few weeks we will work on implementing the new updates Dan posted about and the suggestions you guys made on the active count, and building our size.



\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader


>>>   Dan101   <<<
Nacho Army Leader

8 Responses

  1. Glad the war is over, can’t wait to see the new changes

  2. jeezus stone ucouda kept a few servers

  3. Really? We would have probably won! If something is boring, just make it interesting, don’t stop it!

  4. so all that hard work was worthless >:l

  5. Yay! ACP (Army Of Cp) SURRENDERED!!!

    • I just realised how much similarity there is.
      > Treaties are practically the same
      > Was done with two Nacho leaders and Bam
      > Epickitty was the first person to comment

      ▔\▁(ヅ )▁/▔

  6. […] Dan101 signing the treaty caused a lot of drama, he went on to say that the treaty doesn’t count because all of the Nachos leaders were not there for the signing. You can read more about the war between the Night Warriors and Nachos HERE. As for the war with the Army of Club Penguin, when the Nachos first declared war on the ACP they had the advantage of attacking early. The ACP fired back with lots of invasions, tying up the war. After a few weeks of being in war, the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin were in a stalemate, both armies got tired of the war and ended up signing a treaty that can be seen below. (The post written by Stone523 can also be seen HERE) […]

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