Limiting Events

We are going to be limiting events, so instead of 12 events a week we might do 10 and owners will be recruiting/hyping for events. Recently we had a recruiting session  and a lot of our troops go banned on CP, they are starting to crack down on armies even if you don’t say “LOOK UP” you still get banned for saying the army name so I advice our troops not to recruit on CP for the time being. Instead we will be doing practice battles and U-leads. The event schedule is updated we won’t have a event on Wednesday instead leaders/owners will be recruiting for the event on Thursday and Friday.



3 Responses

  1. Im reading this at 1o clock in the morning lol

  2. People could recruit with a different account to their main one.

  3. Sucks that CP is banning peopel, makes it harder for armies to recruit

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