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So Nachos, it is clear and has come to my attention that I have been slacking off. Now, lately I’ve been trying to do more in my real life. I also have end of year tests which are important because obviously, I want to pass. So, I have been working on my projects and have been progressing nicely. There has been consquences as I have been absent from a few events working on them. Recently, I have taken up new sports in school aswell. I have been working on my basketball skills and been simply enjoying the lovely Summer evenings that my country never has. I took up badminton aswell. So, I am getting better at my basketball and can say “rekt” to basically all girls in my class, but, I have paid a price of getting better which is of course slacking off. Now, here’s the difficult part. I spend a great deal amount of time on my laptop, thus is why I have been trying to get out more, especially now since I am getting lovely evenings. So, I will do my best to attend events. If I get demoted, I have failed you all and my best was not good enough. Hopefully this won’t be the case but, my projects are only really getting started. I have 6 weeks of craziness left then i’m all yours. Another thing is that I have been struggling with maths. Now, this is kinda my fault but it’s not all my fault. I am trying to get better at it but, my poor teacher isn’t helping so I have to ask someone to help me. Now, I got a B a few weeks back in a test but, I don’t understand it so that problem will be fixed. So, back to basics. I will be as active as I most humanly can. Also I am going away to England real soon for a few days, depending on.


Going to England

Took up basketball & badminton

End of Year tests/ongoing projects/pratical tests

Struggling with particular parts of schoolwork


That is the summary and I hope i’ll be seeing you around.


~The Flare~

5 Responses

  1. Sup

  2. Wait your going to england…

  3. Good luck with the events happening in your real life.

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