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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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August 2016 Promotions

Hola Nachos! August was a busy month; we had our (biased) Legends Cup tournament, site hack, many changes in the leadership, our long war with RPF, and many ups and downs in sizes. At the end though, we pulled it through, and those who helped to accomplish that will be rewarded with a promotion! Continue reading to see if you got promoted!

Feel free to PC any leader or 2ic on chat, or comment on this post, if you think that you should get promoted but you didn’t or if you got demoted but had a reason for you being inactive .

Green: Promoted! Keep it up!

Blue: Close to promotion. Be a little more active!

Orange: You are really active, but cannot be promoted due to your rank. Keep it up!

Black: Non-mover. Try to be more active if you want to be promoted!

Yellow: Close to demotion! Be more active!

Red: Demoted. Please start being active.

Maroon Strikethtough: Removed from Ranks. Be active again and you will be added back!



Leader: B Batman3

Co-Leader: Legofan Cy,  Agent233, Conno11, Fluffy 9404, Poseidon 112

Ambassador:  Jammi Dodger, Hazie65673, 95 Spider, Casillas2159Snickers4763[Stale Nacho]

 Advisor: Chrisi Blule, 50 Cent 254


moderator 1.0 Elite General: Guitar48300, Baseball1043, Arsenal[Tad77swat]

moderator 1.0 Grand General: Katniss33335, Blueysib6[Ohcan1234], Darkman5*

moderator 1.0 Head General: Leila[Nylam123], Cookky2, Centaur 17*, Stormblade27*, Konrad*, Bull Hour*

moderator 1.0 Major General: Apple6683, Bosss3,

moderator 1.0 Brigadier General: Rodralen[The Nacho10],  Datdudebp, Fabgirl12346, Alex10189, Libra29emy*


Colonel: Rozzo*,Yellowpen3*, Bullet[Lollepop117]

 Major: Pakusch112, J0006*, Lolo1310*, Tobuscus3849*

Captain:  Maximswagbro*, Lop2009*

Lieutenant: Mutee, Penguin10468*, Deviousdev1, Play58623*, Silva[P183610498]*

Sergeant: Pepe4358, P Aul, Toyabear, M I S T*, Justiejulie*, Ottosunfun, Foosa5*

Staff Sergeant: Itsgold, Squishy Lord, Thegamercat, Espiãoo1, Saucey Eggs, Clubroyalty*, Mycome*, Plungerita*, Zoroark1089*, Madison77780*, Greatoz05*, J J S*, Sara78520*, Sceptile94*, Alexfish10*, Sushi22337*, Archangel25*, Snowyelf094*, Skycraft55*

Private:  Erxig, Soka11233, Evan2119, Arctic1001, Vicky8546, Jihan1234, Max Conner, Mitrev,  Unipenguin25, Zacdenby477,  Justanormo, Montlesss, Spher,  Atshadow, Sansrulz, Scooter 3092, Goblin Jack, Blairbear64, Spacemonkey5, Crashlb8, Manaia47, Krox75, Spot141pet, Fredross, Tundrasplash, Snoopysquid, Buddybogp, Evan317, Swimmer130, Chloe4310, Lolwaffles65, Turbo8999, Aggang,  Pen4you, Ariana 455, John526, Xray26, Artic1001, Platinumpig, Hd Tv 1, Chestercat01, Karma5[P216938455], Risk, Jem The Epf, Jefff2007, Edu14463, Coolcat199, Ome3new, Dadda39, Fancerdude, Kitty68253,  Envxkobsta, Ga5th3j3w5, Casian6, Ghalun1, Karinux2005, Black2080, Blinkingyou, Isislol2, Nossleinad1, Dbulldog3, Geo Pinguinu, Marko99100, Asbjoern[P329602019], Gardevoircz, Sammypengu2n, Vurikki, Garvinator1, Leena0709, Benjameanie, Fulcamp, Swimduckgirl, Jorjulius, Bluemoo, Man876, Iceguy3, Happyfeat007, Sidra101, Salt49, Darkanturian, Sillylilly78, Munkee45, Ottomanosman, Christene20, Go Lool, Rarestati, Shortytail, Theking57,Shadowboy62, jrizzles Lucky31377, The Champ4, Hoohoo10, Evie266, Purprincess, Alyse2005, Trulydru, Rosefly, Redboss1248, Masonbilliot, Essy4, Oreo Cream2, 12wildmonkey, Redhopper936, Partytaco1, Musketeer212, Memessssddsa, Deny102, Revanknight, Nacho Taco, Sarah 1114, Kenared7, Sydney3295, Zackalpha, Kaydin2006, Mrcy1, Massielpink, Machomanno, Jenna0168, Fatboy Leo, Icecreamfre, Nebula404, Jackboxgames, Undyne1819, Phia, Helen62524, Darkdecoy, Tle1212, Johnnydep2, Tt17399, Nerdyprinces, Darksider102, Lol 1738, Powerspuffwi, Mushroom164, Stampy5783, 4allie, Newsabutaer, Emit2348, Skeleton337, Kiwipiegirl, Nestealover, Kingstar00, A Jar1, Kitty Noevil, Ironman1311, Mlg Skills, Bossarmy2324, Mattdaking, Abigail52251, Jadon123, Tatbluepengi, Rayo Mcquuen, Gusion, KitKat09, Swager10111, Yoyoyyo, Marijuli101, Wumbo6, Marioisred, M3rk961, Koley2, Leeroyj, Captinking1, Hotpocket80, Meliae123, Akjb, Phil2331, Greenieabc, Mlgtylergd, Lexiluvly, Tresly1224, Roxyshadows, Bobseinor2, Tobyjr235, Jayden25134, CougarFan123, Ollie106, Bubby0624, Beastboy2110, Soulcookie525, Puppydog5123, Rellybetch, Mcmikey12779, Shimota8, Jchiro9700, Stormer2024, Loppl, Puppyling, Nataleealan, Jazzifide, Laiba135, Big Foot790, James6777, Mintey75340, Thecuties101, Mimi1620, Hpfan58, Kittyjamseal, Dark Sky1, SpringJoy, Penguino3017, Kitty0710, Darkest Star, Kitty Krijh, Dioggee, Jacobcraig25, Jerty17, Peng Puffi, Dazzle Diva, Ninja King51, Narhwhals, Dodger33, Darkknight29, Waddlecute21, S Penguin3, C00lman246, Scramble, Ratboy07, Rosey1737, Pink8girl, Spikecookie1, Giggles3409, Coolguy265, Chloe 3850, Blossommoon, Butterbuter, Nick366, Juicehunter, Rose527, Pixelreborm, Owllover340, Tomboywolfz, Trevdec29, Natchyochees, Penguifriend, Amber1336, Indiana 2, Mrnoobthath, Starboss05, Gracee213, Rocketmanzoo, Peng11199, Kanto8, Kitty Cool, 5lazer, Rareaj, Kdkckcckkdk, Mariokart756, Grantalias, Jeremiah3301, Dorathepig, Crzy11, Etherealmaya, Sally6677, Jaime4513, Marruth10, Piggyswag1, 5x5x5, Nopinkiepie, Waterlordsn1


Spic: Dj Dan

Nacho Flag Bearer: Bacara


Legofan Cy~Nachos General

8 Responses

  1. i wasn’t promoted because of my rank but pose was even though i was extremely active >_<

    • “because of your rank” means because you are in a high and responsible rank. You cannot get promoted from 3ic to 2ic just because you’re active. Don’t worry, your time will come soon 😉 .

  2. 4 months of me staying at the same rank now

  3. 😮 thanks fr the promo yay 😀

  4. Heyy…I just want to inform that I will be away for a little while.I know I have been inactive n I know I don’t deserve a promo right now.so ..with my exams n everything coming…plzz don’t think I am willingly being inactive or anything.so just don’t remove me from ranks.thxx.

  5. wow, I was really worried that I would be demoted. Or at least no where near promotion! Thanks guys!

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