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10 Paragraphs About Me Loving The Nacho Army

Lego: Lmao, my princess. Nicely said! ❤

I wrote 10 paragraphs about how much I love the Nacho Army a while ago. I don’t know how I wrote so much and I think that it is quite interesting. It is very strange.


The Nacho Army is one of the best things ever. I love it so much. Joining the Nacho Army was the probably the best choice that I have ever made. I love the Nacho Army more than it seems possible. I can feel the Nacho Army inside of me. It is in my heart, I can hear it beating the army’s name. I can’t even imagine what anything would be like if I never joined the Nacho Army. How would survival even be possible without it?

It is beautiful when tons of Nachos do tactics. All of them doing one thing together looks more beautiful than anything that I have ever seen before. Emotes appearing above multiple Nacho’s heads at the same time in a formation looks amazing. Multiple Nacho’s all saying things at the same time shows how great this army is. It is beautiful when Nachos all run around at the same time, doing things. It looks amazing.

If good things happen with the Nacho Army, I am as happy as I possibly can be. If bad things do, I can feel the inside of me being destroyed. The Nacho Army is connected to my emotions. I can even feel emptiness when I am not with the Nacho Army.

The Nacho Army is one of my highest priorities. I go to every single event that I can go to. If I can’t go to one, I try extremely hard to go to it. If my internet connection isn’t working, I wait and try to fix it for hours so that I can be with the Nacho Army if it will work. I try very hard to come to events. When I can’t come to them, I feel extremely sad and wish that I could be there. Every single event feels extremely important to me.

The Nacho Army is just so amazing. I want to marry it. I will do whatever I can for the Nacho Army. I love the Nacho Army. I didn’t think that the Nacho Army would mean so much to me. I just thought that it would be fun and I thought that I would really love being in it. I was correct but not that correct compared to how much I love the Nacho Army. I don’t just really love being in the Nacho Army; I am in love with the Nacho Army. I am actually more than in love with it but it is impossible to write how much I really love it.

I want to be with the Nacho Army forever. I want to spend every second of my life with the Nacho Army. I care about the Nacho Army so much. I want to scream and shout this because what I am saying is barely anything compared to how much I love the Nacho Army. The Nacho Army has improved my life so much. I can’t even believe how amazing it is. When I first joined, I probably thought that I would have left within a month like when I tried to join an army an extremely long time ago but didn’t understand it and left as soon as I joined. I could have never left the Nacho Army though. I fell in love with it. I became attached to the Nacho Army, physically can’t leave and I never want to.

I love the Nacho Army. I would do tactics all day for this army if I could. When club penguin is being annoying, I keep logging back on every time it stops responding no matter how many times I have to. I want to do so much for the Nacho Army. I want to give the Nacho Army everything that it deserves. It deserves every single good thing in existence because it is so amazing.

I know that the Nacho Army must love me too. It has to. It is impossible for it not to when I love it so much. I am connected to the Nacho Army so the Nacho Army has to be connected to me. I will always love the Nacho Army. I would love the Nacho Army even if love didn’t exist.

Every single layer of my mind loves the Nacho Army more than it is possible to imagine. I can also feel the Nacho Army in my brain. It is a huge part of my brain. I think about the Nacho Army and how I love it so much. The Nacho Army is not just in my thoughts, it is physically in my brain. My brain feels what the Nacho Army feels. The part of my brain with the Nacho Army is a heart shape with more love than an actual heart.

I love the Nacho Army. I will never stop loving the Nacho Army. The Nacho Army is the most amazing thing in existence. The Nacho Army is better than it is possible at being great. I smile at every tactic. I enjoy going into every formation. The Nacho Army is so amazing that I can’t even explain 1% of how good it is. It is quite shocking. How is it even possible for anything to be as good as the Nacho Army is? The Nacho Army is amazing. I love the Nacho Army.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this ❤

  2. I really liked this post bluey!

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