Going Ghost

Greetings Soldiers,

There was a time when there was a party called the Winter Fiesta, that occurred three times over the years. This was a party that benefitted the Nacho Army, but the last Winter Fiesta was in 2009. The Halloween Party has returned and we have decided that we are going to take advantage of this party, in order to help us rise. For the month of October, we will be wearing the ghost costume along with the sombrero or whatever Nacho headgear you usually wear. You can also wear any halloween costume, but everyone can get the ghost costume so this will be what our uniform will be based on for the next month. The ghost costume will be easily acquired from the costume trunk in the mall. Let’s go on and feel the rise!


Have fun with this Nachos, its something new and something fresh. And hey its not everyday a army can change its uniform for a month! Heres a example.




Nacho Leader

2 Responses

  1. pray to shrek himself that the winter fiesta happens this year

  2. Bring Back The Fiesta!

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