Nacho Spirit

This is just something I decided to write. I was meaning to do it awhile ago and people have asked for it. So, here it is. If you like it well thank you, if not well I am sorry 😉


Nacho Spirit

The army of loyal troops,

The army where we take servers in one great swoop,

The army of joy and glory,

An army with an exciting story,


We have had the greatest success,

We are an army who can impress,

Against all the odds,

We have won and accepted some applaud,


Our symbol the great sombrero with a great Poncho and our worn boots,

The trees roots as deep as our roots,

We inspire discipline and loyalty,

The successful leaders treated like royalty,



We are weird and wacky,

Our worn boots the colour of khaki,

We are one the oldest around,

Come join us or try and drag us down,


All armies will go splat,

Power to the hat,

We work together to be the best,

You can join or die like the rest,



3 Responses

  1. That was wonderful hazie!

  2. pretty good hazie

  3. Love it!

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