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Hola Nachos and CP Community

For awhile now I have heard talk of CP dying and armies dying with it. If that is to happen what would this community do? I made a post awhile back talking about a Minecraft server with CP armies involved with a CPA or some kind of committee that oversees the rules of this server and keeps track of who’s at war with who[This idea was given to me by Shiver]. Well I am here to tell you  that there is a server up and running right now that you can join! Aquabluejet has made a server and it is open to the whole community not just The Nachos. Aqua wants the community to know that this server is “A Survival/Nations server”  We encourage all people to try this server out both OLD Vets and current members of armies. I encourage all of you to go on the server for more information about it or contact Aqua. Lastly the server has core protect enabled and logs, so if anything goes awry expect it to be fixed and punishments to be dealt if necessary.

The IP is:


6 Responses

  1. What version of Minecraft is the server running?

  2. Hi conno, I was wondering if this is for Minecraft PE as well? If you could get back to me that would be great. Maisie4423

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  3. Gonna join

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