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Happy 11th Anniversary Club Penguin!

Hello Nachos. This month, Club Penguin is celebrating its 11th anniversary. The Coffee Shop is decorated for the occasion, and there you can find the 11th anniversary hat and a yearbook. There is also a special background. I think the 11th anniversary hat actually goes pretty well with our uniform.

In the spirit of the moment, I would like to share my personal experiences with Club Penguin. I started playing Club Penguin in 2005, shortly after it first came out. I remember everyone at school was talking about it, so I decided to check it out myself. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed by it when I first started playing it. But I played it anyway, and so did my friends at school. I remember us talking about how to become a secret agent, and the PSA missions when they were first released. In the 11 years since, Club Penguin has had its ups and downs. When Disney bought Club Penguin, many players were upset and blamed Disney for Club Penguin’s demise. I think Disney gets more hate than they deserve. The fact is, if it wasn’t for Disney, Club Penguin probably would have shut down years ago. It’s only thanks to Disney that Club Penguin is still around. So once again, I would like to wish Club Penguin a happy 11th anniversary.

~ Snickers

2 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary to what was my first online experience.

    It was early 2006, I was 11. Before, I didn’t know much about computers other than they were used for computer games, school work and adult work. I knew nothing about the internet except for flash games and school. Then I saw my friend playing this penguin game at his house, and when I asked about it, I saw him interacting with his cp girlfriend I was like “Wait, that’s another person on another computer?! And you can say whatever you want in that blue box?!” Then told about how you can’t cuss or say rude things. But nonetheless I was curious and amazed. My parents were worried at first because they knew the dangers of the internet, but thanks to CP’s safety, they were okay with me playing it.

    So amazing, when you look at your life now and realize what got you to this point.

  2. I love the new hat. I’m probably gonna replace the sombrero with it.

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