Champions Cup V (Reigning Champions)


What’s up Nachos!

I can’t tell you guys how important this tournament is to me, and hopefully to you guys. You may not know this, but we won this as the underdog last year. We Nachos were ranked as the 18th army, and we made it to the finals to defeat the 1st ranked army, the Water Vikings. Now, you may not understand this, but we won this tournament at the same size you’re all at now. Unfortunately many people seem to forget that anythings possible when it comes to armies. Some of you don’t believe me, but it’s true. Prove everyone wrong for the second year in a row. Show up to this battle, and win this Cup! You guys can do it.

You’re vsing an army of multilogging scumbags. They’ve been caught several times cheating, and I know how these kind of armies work. If you guys show up Sunday with a winning attitude, then I bet you’ll win. Out maneuver them, out smart them. If you guys don’t attend, you’re throwing a way a huge opportunity.

You can see this army isn’t doing well right now, make a difference and attend this battle! Be there, or be squ-a-faggot.


➡ IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST turn red and wear red/orange clothes for this battle!!!

Nacho Army vs Teutons



Sunday, 30th October 2015


Server: Klondike ||| Room: TBA

➡ Times:

 7:00 PM UK[United Kingdom Time]

 7:00 PM GMT[Greenwich British Time]

 3:00 PM EST[Eastern Amercan Time]

 2:00 PM CST[Central American Time]

 1:00 PM MST[Mountain American Time]

12:00 PM PST[Pacifc American Time]

10:00 PM EEST[Eastern European Time]


|| Goal: 30-35+ Nachos ||

➡ NOTE: Be on our chat 1 hour EARLIER!


  • Promotions[Either we win or not]
  • Temporary moderator rank on chat for the members and owner for moderators.[If we in this battle]
  • Cool giveaways[Either we win or not]
  • Membership giveaways[If we win the whole Tournament]

Note: You may only get a prize that is given for this battle if you attend it.

Legofan Cy~Nachos 2ic

srsly kevin? copied my post af bruh?-lego

If you’re not gonna fucking make it, then the retired leader will, shit bag ~kev

I came across this post because I went to posts to make it. but I guess you rushed to make it.. -legodun

7 Responses

  1. I’ll be there

  2. I wont miss it.

  3. wish I could come but im on holiday this weekend so I won’t be online!

  4. idk if i can come, i got church, and idk how to say to my parents that i wont go to church because i wanna play cp

  5. I will hopefully come to it.

  6. The UK time is actually the same as the GMT time now so it can’t be an hour later now.

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