Group Stage [STONE OWNS!]


TODAY I CAN FINALLY SAY I WAS HAPPY WITH THE ARMY! I know its only the group stage but this is what I want the army to look like everyday! I mean were were ELECTRIC today! We started out at the Plaza to do warm ups and then the order came…to move to the Stadium and when we got there to our surprise no one was there. The Teutons did a no show for the whole event. We did great tactics and then we were told we won! Then the Teutons complained and now we are at the point where they want to reschedule the event. We are still tied for 1st place in the Group Stage. KEEP IT UP NACHOS I AM PROUD!!!!! We maxed 17! Read on for pics!



5 Responses


  2. Great work, Nachos! Very proud of all of you. It’s certainly well known by now to never count out the Nachos under any circumstance.

    Rising above the adversity is what makes you great, and it is why this is the greatest army in this game. Continue to keep up the hard work, intensity, and fun each week, and you’ll definitely go far!

  3. I came, but i had to go to eat dinner:/

  4. I came to it! We did really well.

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