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Exposure of Teutons

Update: The penguins used in their events are the same multilogs that the Water Vikings used over the summer, and we also found out that the penguins used in their events are the bots that raided us today, although I clicked ignore on each bot and they didn’t ruin our event. This post shows the list of the Water Viking Multilogs: http://cparmycentral.com/2016/09/18/breaking-news-water-vikings-multilogging-penguins-leaked/ Alexis CP, Sebastian CP, Texan CP, Shadowmass2, Monsterella6, Zakhary222, Sheapasta, Maggie41203, Hakeem7679, 275xtx63, Strimmy, and Cloudpengy can be seen in the Teutons event pictures later in this post.screenshot_308

There is a pathetic army that has less actual troops than we do, much less, and are infact multilogging scumbags. The Teutons have been writing smack posts about us for several days, but they are just Brigade, and some other troops may be multilogging for him. CPAC, how you haven’t banished them from the top ten and the tournament yet is ridiculous, they just keep multilogging and have no intention of stopping. Read on for the multilogging evidence.

[US] Scrap on North Pole

In this event, the Teutons logged onto North Pole for an event. They claim that they didn’t multilog at all, but they infact multilogged and botted. Let me show you their pictures from the event:



Why is P340305321’s name part blue? Could be a glitch I’ll admit, but could it be something more?

Am I the only person who notices that the same penguins are doing the tactic each time, and while a few of them are real troops, why is it the same penguins doing the tactic each time? And these penguins that seem to be doing the tactic at the same time, everytime, have almost no clothes and have very simplistic names that sound made up.

One penguin that I found very suspicious is the penguin Cobra Leader. You see- Brigade3, the dictator of the Teutons, once led the Cobras, and I have heard from a secret source that Brigade does say that this penguin is his alternate. Yet, another thing about the Scrap on North Pole is that Jd posted it, not Brigade, saying that he solo led it and that Brigade wasn’t there, so how did Cobra Leader attend the event?

Here is where it all makes sense: They have multilogs which are put on a botting script, mainly operated by Brigade. However, Jd or someone else in the organization, has access to the penguins aswell and fully knows what is going on, committing the crime with him.

Another thing that you can note is why do they always do the circle with the plus in the middle in every event? The reason is that if they move, you will quickly realize that they are bots.

Some Interesting Questions

How do the Teutons not even have an event schedule on their site, yet get large sizes?

How come the Teutons have only had ten people comment on their join page, some of these comments from 2015, and get large sizes? Does anyone ever see Teutons autotypers online?

Is P340305321’s name being blue just a glitch?

Do the Teutons not have an event schedule because members from the community would look for penguins with no stamps at their events?



Nacho Leader

4 Responses

  1. Teutons are a joke


  3. everyone already knows lol they got deducted, no need to write up such a huge post

    p.s. I multilog for rpf

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