Pathetic CPAC Tournament Results

Greetings Soldiers,

Our forces worked with speed and on point tactics, having four formations as we faced the Army of Club Penguin in the tournament. While I was hoping for better sizes, I wasn’t disappointed when we maxed 19 on Club Penguin, since that is still good. Rocking on throughout the event, we went to the CPAC chat for the results, and found out that only one judge judged the battle, vs the usual 3 or even 5. We were also surprised that the battle was only 20 minutes long, but the biggest surprise came when Sammie said it was a draw. Why didn’t he do overtime? HE WANTED TO WATCH THE XFACTOR AND THIS WOULD OF CUT INTO HIS TV SHOW. Whatever, we will be going on to the next round. Read on for pictures from the event.

Comment if you came!


Nacho Leader

11 Responses

  1. I came. Even though I am disappointed about the results, we did great in this event. -FabGirl

  2. i came, but i find it so disgraceful that Sammie said draw, instead of saying a winner. His displeasure for not being able to watch X-Factor would not be greater than our frustration that we have to start over again.

  3. I came, good event guys. What has happened today is completely a joke. Only 1 person to judge a huge battle, and he declares a tie just for not missing his program 😵

  4. i came in 8:05, and it was annoying that sammie said draw.
    nachos did good in this event

  5. I came to it!

  6. Good job Nachos! Shitty decision making by CPAC. We and the Nachos deserved better after a great battle.

  7. I came to the event


  8. The worst part of this is learning that people actually watch the X Factor

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