Monthly Promotions/Demotions

Greetings Soldiers,

It is time for the monthly promotions/demotions, and to give out rewards to the hard-working individuals. If you were demoted or not promoted, just work hard and you will be promoted soon. Read on for the results of your performance throughout the last few weeks.


Blue = Promoted

Red = Demoted

Purple = Fired

Grey/Black = Same Rank


Leader: Conno11

 Field Marshal:  Legofan Cy, Blueysib6[Ohcan1234]

 General: Fabgirl12346Guitar48300, Cookky2, 95 Spider


moderator 1.0 Lieutenant General: Summit, Apple6683

moderator 1.0 Grand General: Casillas2159, Arureadindis, Spiritzee

moderator 1.0 Head General: Bull Hour, Baseball1043

moderator 1.0 Major General: Cabin, The Nacho10*, Maisie4423*

moderator 1.0 Brigadier General: Alex10189*, Datdudebp, Libra29emy*, Ming, Montlesss, Spiritriver, Centaur 17*, Katniss33335, Stormblade27, Bosss3


Colonel: Rozzo*Bullet[Lollepop117], Yellowpen3*, Datdudebp, IronSkelly, Prettygirl166, Leila[Nylam12head gener3], Darkman5*, Robsdan

 Major:  J0006*, Lolo1310*, Pakusch112, Tobuscus3849*, Bubblycomedy, Coolboy109, Epickitty271

Captain: Maximswagbro*, Lop2009*, Coolguy

Lieutenant: Deviousdev1*, Penguin10468*, Play58623*, Silva[P183610498]*

Sergeant: Toyabear,   M I S T*, P Aul, Pepe4358, Montlesss, Foosa5*, Justiejulie*, Ottosunfun*

Staff Sergeant: Clubroyalty*, Itsgold*, Mycome*, Plungerita*, Squishy Lord*, Thegamercat, Zoroark1089*, Espiãoo1*, Saucey Eggs*, Pinkrules3

Private: Vicky8546*, Animesh2005, Tahoor, kittieoflife, Fluffycub, yelle24, Garfield Tan, Peggysniffs, Jihan1234*, AMSASH123, Ginunia, Co0lguy3664, MaxTax, Koko1230, Doctor Luke, Justanormo*, 1 L0ve Fat, Max Conner*, Mitrev*, Spher*, Unipenguin25*, Zacdenby477*, Mugio, EnemyOVilain, FinnDiamonds, Bashan1234, Mrsburkley, Jebbna, SwirlyCottn, zeldagamer12, WaltDinosaur, Teamcool1, scott6849, kooldude123, Charizardch, jhonnyboi44, 0oRiptideo0, Lollala6, Bia Lilica2, Wissan, Erxig, Soka11233, Evan2119, Bjwaddles04, Arctic1001, cashlife04, Love Dose 3, Madison77780*, Tony10151, nacho taco, Arlo125, Atshadow, Sansrulz, Scooter 3092, Goblin Jack, Blairbear64, Spacemonkey5, Crashlb8, Manaia47, Krox75, Bashan1234, Spot141pet, Fredross, Tundrasplash, Snoopysquid, Buddybogp, Evan317, Swimmer130, Chloe4310, Lolwaffles65, Turbo8999, Aggang, Pen4you, Ariana 455, John526, Xray26, Artic1001, Platinumpig, Hd Tv 1, Chestercat01, Karma5[P216938455], Risk, Jem The Epf, Jefff2007, Edu14463, Greatoz05*, J J S*, Sara78520*, Sceptile94*, Alexfish10*, Sushi22337*, Archangel25*, Snowyelf094*, Skycraft55*, Ccd31, Kyleabbie139, Marruth10, Gumstix, Aryannaburch2213, Skipper294, Richtofen01, Galaappel, Magichloe13, Motomba, Mort 5467, Mangoyumpop

6 Responses

  1. lmao, sorry. I had to be demoted in the first place

  2. Thanks!!!!!

  3. Centaur 17 to be removed. I have retired. To be honest it started ever since I went inactive for so long. Remove. Now.

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