Stepping Into The Shadows

Hello Nachos. This will be our last conversation with me being leader for a while. I have exams and I messed up my mid terms I have mock in February and proper exams in June. I will return in June and hopefully bring the army into greatness. I am not disappearing, I just won’t be leader or as active as I was. I want Steve and Conno to replace me with a temp leader for the 9 months I will be gone. Hopefully I will return to finish what I started. I will nBee thank everyone who has helped me over the years.

Kevin: Thank you for everything you have ever taught me. I respect you as a amazing leader and you are one of my greatest friends.

Steve: Thanks for hiring me as leader for a start in my rather brief time and thank you for helping this army bring back the glory times! See you around good friend 😉

Conno: idk who he is

Fluffy: Fluffdick! Yeah that’s his name. Amazingly annoying but, an excellent friend also.

Aquabluejet: Thanks for letting me play minecraft to cool my jets. See you around Aquablowjob.

Lego: Hm. You probably won’t read this but thank you for everything you have contributed to the army. Yeah I am a bitch to you but I do it to motivate you.

Dan: One of best leaders I ever saw. Gave me recruiting tips all the time and is a good friend of mine. I hope you return.

Stone: An absoulte tank

Beeky: Greatest tactician I saw. I don’t know you well but have a lot of respect for you.

Puckley: A legbomb. No other words needed.

Brass Ass Dash: Well this guy is hilarious. I don’t know you well but I have seen you around you are worth a mention 😉

Hurricanex1: I have to thank you because you helped recruit me, thanks.

Chrisi Blule: A legbomb. No other words needed.

FabGirl: One of best mods I know. Keep working hard and I will be seeing you.

Arureadindis: Also a amazing mod, keep working hard and I will be seeing you aswell.

Bluey: A great 3ic. I will see you around bud.

Poseidon: My good friend, many of times we have had a bit of banter on chat. A great former 2ic.

Casillas: Lazy, but good. Seeeeee you ’round….

Camper: Won award for 1st Nacho Perv 2016.

Summit: Won award for joint 1st Nacho Perv 2016.

Thomas: An upcoming member, always see this guy on chat. Hopefully I can get to know you.

Guitar: A former UK leader and a legend of the army. You cannot question the loyalty this guy has for the army. A good friend.

Cookky: Hardest working 3ic I know. He recruits and attends events. He even led an event when I couldn’t. He will lead the army one day.

95 Spyder: Another good 3ic. I don’t know you as much as others but, you do the status quo.

Shiv: A good friend, use to let me play his minecraft server. I have respect for you.

Person1233: I barely know you worth a mention though 😉

Ads354: I use to be a troop under you back in like the ole days. I didn’t know you well as I was just a new recruit among the ranks. Massive respect.

Edd64: A legbomb. No other words needed.

Nachos: I will miss leading you. I will be around of course. 9 months is awhile. I intend to return for a few months before drifting into the shadows.

I’m sorry I had to step down. I need to erase those 4 ugly D’s I got in my mid terms and that C in science. I was very disappointed with my results. I might be back before June who knows?

Hazie Out.

7 Responses

  1. You once said you’d quit if I got leader, and I endedup promoting you about once every week or so. I have enjoyed leading with you. Good luck on retirement island.

  2. left me out i see :/

  3. I’ll still ship Cozieee!!!! I’ll miss you as leader Hazie, good luck in the future.

  4. It’s a shame you couldn’t lead longer. But you’re right. Real life is more important.

  5. Reading it is a shame. You were such a good leader, who made everyone work hard and put this army in a great position again. You will be very missed. Good luck in real life. I hope to see you leading again someday

  6. Nobody remembers Centaur it seems

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