Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals Results

Greetings Soldiers,

WOAH!!!! Prepped and loaded with lemons (supplied by Puckley’s Lemon Corporation, call PLC for all your lemon needs), our forces took a navy fleet from Fjord and landed on Klondike to fight the Wild Ninjas in the Christmas Chaos. After deploying at the Beach, we loaded up and marched to the Snow Forts, where the Wild Ninjas met us to begin the fighting. 25 Nachos were fighting with all of their might, no mercy being a common phrase passed through our ranks. We then got into our air fleet to continue the battle at the Ice Berg. We ended up winning the battle. Great job today soldiers! Read on for pictures from the battle.


Nacho Leader


6 Responses

  1. I came 😀 great job Nachos! Keep it up!

  2. I came to it!

  3. I came:)

  4. I came to it, it was awesome !

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