Our Mark On The Community

For about ten years the Nacho Army has been around, and throughout that time we have been a strong force that others have feared. We have produced some of the greatest leaders the community has ever seen such as Shadow2446, Person1233, Tanman, Puckley, Zippy, and others. To this day we are still one of the largest armies and this leadership is dedicated in maintaining that position. Our mark on the community has been placed for the past generations of the army, and I feel that this current era has placed its own mark, the mark of this era with terrific and dedicated soldiers. 2016 is the present, and 2017 is the future, a future where this army shall continue to dominate the community and be a force to be reckoned with. For the legacy of the Nacho Army, we shall continue to establish the fact that we have made our mark on the community and don’t intend to erase that mark!

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