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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Promotions for Christmas!


Hola Nachos! 

Since it’s Christmas I have decided to give you guys an early promotion day! If you didn’t get a promotion work harder next time, and be active. Press Continue reading to see if you got a promotion!

Black = non-mover
Strikethrough = removed from ranks (all remaining Privates with join comments before December 1, 2016 were removed).
 BLUE = Keep it up and be active. If those in the rank above you are under-performing you may be promoted. rank above you are under-performing you may be promoted.

 Leader: Conno11, Dan101

 Field Marshal:  Legofan Cy, Blueysib6[Ohcan1234], Cookky2. Verum

 General: Fabgirl12346, Snickers, Fluffy 


moderator 1.0 Lieutenant General: Arureadindis, Thomas83514, Apple6683, Guitar48300, 95 Spider*

moderator 1.0 Grand General:, Summit, Centaur

moderator 1.0 Head General: ,  Maisie4423, Spiritzee*

moderator 1.0 Major General: Casillas2159* Leila[Nylam123,  Bosss3

moderator 1.0 Brigadier General:, The Nacho10*,   Delfi2000


Colonel: Datdudebp*Coolboy109*Prettygirl166*Montlesss, Pakusch7, Spiritriver*, Epickitty271*

 Major: Blueychaz

Lieutenant: Slinkykid, Pepe4358

Sergeant: Richtofen01*, Danny2*

Staff Sergeant: Espiãoo1*, Luther H2o*, Night Owl*

Corporal: Cenafan01,Eggs54*, Planetwizard

Private First Class:  Firechef663*, Menameisno*, Idleblue1*, , Ottosunfun

Private: Wolverinepjs*, Amogh0b, Susan22114*, Lupa902*, Lukeyboy2005*, Special K 95*, Piplup126*, Salmont*, Ethancoen7*, Chatita3*, Avrill2007*, Isebella2*, Alejo3641, candybroday1, Enigma2938, Alexfish10

Enlist: Jackyjackle, redroxy1, Waddleslol1, Jaseca, Kaneki ken9, Ohiokid43, Sunset, DIXON 008, Mental1, Iamo5, Fort Juan, Tinychika12, Lukas2019, Pookieboy2, Sapperjix, Lazerfazer01, Pengyquinn1*, Punkrock17*, Skyone11, Yana2004t, Kashif9999, Pinkpepper9, Pliptob, Rjayster, PengyCP, Flowerypetal, Aidenfenigan, Link76021, Fashionista, Mairob, Zachisace, potatatatata134, scarbella123, Cloudjumper2, litpeg, moonlight022, AP23, Puffle Guy 8, Superman3993*, Daviddavi1*, Blackiswack0*, Abba1244*, Maldark2467, Summerhope, Bjwaddles04, Cookieaaron, Alexx2019, Hectoe, Asdfghjkl, Penstar353, youngmoney70, Baksin, Sara7423, Adelaide456, Alex46761, pinkninga58, sethvic04, Ninjgo55555, arvm, Jalenk77, Frogwink1, Hannahgrace1, juicysano, Sacanpuntos, mungas, Mrs PengOo, Happygirl364, Cowbellyx1, finno422, fin0422, Fred1318, rachel89396, Michella06, Skiddler, Louella2, cpmclub, rolbloxcooll, play099, razzberry117, 1pdog1, Temmie258, josephsimmon,  ELMERGLUE, hjt0728, Trumprox, Cookiegirlz, Jergins, Lucadsavage, Coldplace01, Hog Wash, Poet Femme, Mondlerhoe, josefinuchi1, Tboskk24, Amw1326, Fire ninja, Meganm1149, Loveydove269, Arvisur, Jahahnian, serpente85, rocket888, Aleezay9, Mattuta, Coco2529, snoopthedogg, icecreamy3, Tacky21658, crystalface, G01D3N B0Y, Bandislife16, Rosa Maria35, JewelMiller, OliviaMT123, HiCJuice, Ssky321, cooluncle, glitterbows, giselles1


9 Responses

  1. Please add me!

  2. This is just sooo wrong. Dan, you haven’t been in the army for 24 hours; how in the holy world can you be able to decide who should be promoted…

  3. Why am I not on the ranks?

  4. i got promoted for not doing shit, yayyy

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