From here to the Future: 2017


Good afternoon everyone, Aka here to answer the question of which heights our Empire that has survived the past 11 years shall reach for next.


Now that we are consistently making sizes of 30+ again in a so called “dying community,” I am going to take a moment to show just what got us, The Nachos, back to these sizes.

  • We have the best recruiters in the community, sacrificing so much of their time to help our army grow.
  • We have phenomenal leadership in the form of battle-tested and experienced leaders (Dan, Conno, Verum), excellent support staff helping new recruits find their way into the army (Cooky, Bluey, Thomas, Max), and legendary advisors that are not only able to share knowledge with the army, but show the community outside of it why we are a far better choice than our competition (Tan, Person, and myself).
  • Consistent events, and plenty of them! Should troops (especially US soldiers) find there is little to do during the day, they can bet an invasion is happening or about to happen with our brother army, the Nacho Special Service!
  • A straight-forward way to reach to the top of the ranks quickly: Be active on chat, recruit, show up to events, and help out the owners wherever needed and you can be a leader, too!
  • We’re a strong army with a sense of morals. We have very deep-set beliefs in the Nachos (freedom of expression, putting things bluntly, a natural distate towards green or black colored armies to name a few…) that go beyond the game and into the community that we interact with.

When all these things happen at once, you get the Nachos. One of the few (if not the only) armies to have never shut down for a single day of its existence! You can see that from our “History” page (which will start being updated again]!

Its been a bumpy few weeks with a lot of unexpected changes for the army, but I believe that right now its for the best. We’ve taken a few hits to our foreign policy, but in due time and with my help I believe that everything can be fixed. We’ve got our sizes back and we’re one of the largest armies currently, so I just want to let everyone know as the eventual size drop hits us again as we head back into school that we survived yet another winter, and we will continue to survive many more winters to come. Don’t allow other people to talk you or the Nachos down. We’ve got a long road behind us and in front of us, so we don’t have time to talk to people who are just going to slow the journey down.

Always forward,


2 Responses

  1. We will become better overtime ✌

  2. Yes we will

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