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Can’t OutJew The Jew @AR

Dearest Nacho Reich or whatever,

That’s a real nice set of rules you got there, maybe try following them? You give us an itemized list of rules in your declaration and only 5 days later you decided to take the liberty of going ‘trigger-happy’ and breaking your own rules.  Listen, I get that you’re euphoric about claiming servers that don’t have any defense, but you should probably check yourself before you do. Last time I checked, this was supposed to be a “fun war”, (that wasn’t going to turn into a “flame war”) but times change faster than how Verum jumps from one army to the next .

Ok so yeah we do have a nice set of rules and if you really want to try and roast me, you’re doing a bad job. Your army is made up of about 9 people who think they’re animals, and don’t understand english so they use the word moo. Pretty sure Sai’s Indian, so it’s no wonder she worships cow and can’t afford decent internet so lags out all the time. This was a fun war before you didn’t show up to any invasions because you were busy shitting on the streets, or scamming white people’s internet.

We are cowards? Ha! The true cowards are the ones who hide in their deceits and lies to attempt to obliterate an army that’s already preoccupied with a war. You decide to declare war on an army that’s servers are already being captured. Christmas and Wool Socks were both taken from us by RPF, yet you’ve invaded them anyway and now it’s been stolen  from your new best friend! Not to mention your invasion of Iceland! We never owned the damn server in the first place and you have audacity to invade it and expect us to defend.
Thank you for invading, Nachos. Nullifying your very own set of rules by invading twice today was very wise.

You say this, but you declared war on RPF who were preoccupied with war, honestly do you have amnesia, or are you taking acid because that would explain why you think you’re a cow, I understand that “you were born in the wrong body, and were meant to be a cow”, but that doesn’t explain how retarded you are. They’re not our best friend, we’re fighting you not ACP, if we went for ACP we’d be defending them. Ok right, so if you didn’t own Iceland then how is our invasion invalid, nothing you say makes sense you’re trans but think you’re a cow man, think you need your head checked.

8 Responses

  1. You didn’t actually dispute the claim that the Nachos violated the rules they set at the beginning of the war. This is more of a flame post than that was.

    • You did that for us. We invaded a server AR didn’t own, making the invasion valid because well we only invaded one server off your nation.

  2. “L”

    Catching an L means catching a loss. In this sense, you catch an L if you say something stupid or, if you try to sound intelligent but are proved wrong.

    1. Sarah says, “Has anyone ever noticed that “Santa” has the same letters as Satan? Isn’t that weird? What are your thoughts?”
    Cathy responds, “And Santa is also the word for Saint in many languages. And since the figure of Santa Claus is based off SAINT Nicholas, its not surprising. So nice try, but you failed.”

    In that case, Sarah caught an L because she tried to prove an invalid point.

    • You really should be telling this to Sai

      • Why would I tell this to Sai? She brought up valid points you failed to defend. You, on the other hand, posted a laughably immature block of text that had nothing to do with the argument she brought up.

      Let’s face it Burr we all know the REAL reason for this war; that time you and Vinny joined Nachos just to get the recruiting script. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EXPOSED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT SON. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA REKT

  3. Long live the Nachos

  4. How to get rosted

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