Today i’ll be making a public service announcement about the dangerous of child predators online. In recent years armies have been gaining an influx of child predators such as Kyle103, Alessandro, Dakota, and many more. The reason for this is Club Penguin armies are an easy target for these predators. One of the most notorious predators is named Kyle and he is a leader of an army, Night Rebels. I warn people in the army community to be wary of Kyle (especially to young girls), I suggest other armies ban Kyle from their chat so he doesn’t molest any of your troops.

*Also news sites like CPAC support this type of behavior because they have not taken action against people like Kyle*

The predator ^


4 Responses

  1. we will not stand for this outrage!! the ownership of (((acp))) and (((jewpac))) may defend these dangerous actions but we will not allow for {{{kyle}}} to continue his ways!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Dan for making people aware about this.

  3. Pedophile 😑

  4. Reblogged this on The Stale Nacho News.

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