Alright so I have pre-exams like to see how I am doing basically in 4 weeks. After this I have around 2 months before it gets a little busy. If you want me back thats great and I am happy you do. Just comment below. If you don’t well sorry I was a horrible person (not sorry). I would only be here for 2 months though and I was questioning whether or not to come back as I do not want to be seen as unreliable. I decided it’s up to you.

Comment if you want me back

Comment if you don’t

This will influence my decision.


14 Responses

  1. Come back Hazie

  2. Come back Hazie


  4. Please come back 😦

  5. Come Back

  6. Come back

  7. cum back

  8. Come back

  9. lets go hazie

  10. of course come back!

  11. come back

  12. Don’t come back. You never left anyway. Rejoin!!

  13. Come back you goon

  14. Come Backkkk!

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