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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Analysing a Nacho Soldier #1

Hola Nachos! As I now am the Secretary of Propaganda, I’m gonna start a new series of fun posts, called Analysing a Nacho. Basically, I will inform you about an amazing troop in the army, one in each edition. Who do you think will be the first one to be analysed? Continue reading to find out!

In this first ANS, I will be analysing a great Nacho, who won their spot by answering a trivia question on chat. That person is……



General Information

Blueysib, a current General, has joined the Nacho Army on the 16th of March 2016, at 1 PM EST. Ever since, she has been a remarkable troop, attending tons of events, and being loyal to the max. We however shall now find out who she really is, shall we?

First of all, her name. Where does it come from? Well, Bluey’s favourite colour is Blue. Also, Sib comes from Sibella, her real name. And lastly, 6 represents the age she was when she created her CP account.

Question & Answer

About CP Armies

  • What is your favourite type of event?
    • Tournament Battles.
  • Which was your favourite event?
    • March Madness IV Finals.
  • Who is your favourite leader?
    • Stone523, because he lead most of my first events.
  • When do you plan on retiring and how?
    • I plan on never retiring unless the Nacho Army lives for a long time more. If it does, I plan on retiring when I am around 18 by completely  going insane more than I ever have before and then posting about the retirement in the weirdest post ever.
  • How do you think will CPA die?
    • I believe CPA might die by CP dying and then everyone just closing all of their armies because they can’t have events on CP.
  • If you could lead any army other than Nachos, which would it be?
    • Any army that offers me except NW.
  • What is the greatest achievement in your CPA career?
    • Joining the Nachos of course!


  • What’s your favourite number?
    • 7296. I thought of it in the morning of the 26th of June 2013, which was also a Wednesday.
      • and 167232053.8 because I like circles and if the radius of a circle is 7296, the area is 167232053.8 .
  • What’s your favourite lesson?
    • Computer Science.
  • Which is your favourite country?
    • England because I live there.
  • How good are you at eating food?
    • I’m terrible at it. It’s really hard. I get food all over me no matter how careful I am. I don’t understand how everyone eats so well. 
      • However, I’m good at eating other stuff. 😉
  • What’s your favourite shape?
    • Circles, Cylinders and trapeziums.
  • What’s your favourite letter?
    • S because it’s the first letter of my name.
  • How do you think the world will end?
    • The sun will end up burning everyone.
  • What’s the point of existence?
    • There’s no point. Everything is completely pointless. 🙂 
  • Do you think Centaur will ever get Leader?
    • No.

Well, you now probably know more about this astonishing Nacho. Isn’t she amazing? 🙂

Do you want to be analysed next? Make sure to be on chat on each Saturday evening after the event, and you will be able to participate in the trivia which will decide the winner!


Lego’s Fact of the day: Did you know that I will retire on 28th of June 2019? Unless CPA shuts down earlier…


Legofan Cy~Nachos Cat Tank

7 Responses

  1. thanks for doing this for this amazing Nacho, Lego you are the best troop i’ve seen!

  2. Analyse me next, ive been bumping you on all ends

  3. You should analyse me next. All of the general answers will be My Dick

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