Nacho Commenting Competition Results

Hola Nachos! 3 Weeks ago, I made a post for which I forgot I made. Well, after quite a while, here are the results of the Nacho Commenting Competition! Continue reading to see who the winner is!

I saw a great improvement in comment count; all of you comment a lot. There was one Nacho who filled every post with a comment. That guy is..


But due to her winning many awards lately, the new winner and 2nd overall is…


Congratulations, Cookky! You comment on the site more than most people, and this shows great loyalty and passion. Keep it up!

However, Cookky is a owner, and I’m definitely not making him temp main. Thus, the winner of the two-day promotion on chat is….. the 4th person overall…


Nice work, Chaz! You are a very promising Nacho, and I expect many things from you in the future! Cheers.

That’s all for now, Nachos. Make sure to come to the next events, especially the important one on Saturday at 3 EST! Stay tuned for more contests!


Lego’s Fact of the day: Did you know that some of the normal and common formations and tactics all over CPA were invented by the Nachos? We prototyped modern Army battles.


~May the salsa be with you~

Legofan Cy~Nachos Spoiled Brat

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