Ground Hog Day

Hola Nachos,

Today’s the day of the CPAC Hunt & Kill Tournament, we must do our best to win and succeed. Every troops needs to be active and hyping as much as possible. Owners need to be on to recruit as much as possible, together we can win this and cement our position as the best army! In the end, this comes down to YOU, do you want to lose to weak armies like ACP, RPF and NW, or do you want to thrive and defeat everyone who stands in our way. It’s our time now, our time to win and our time to signal we’ve changed in the last month. We’re not a weak army that can be pushed around anymore, we’re kings and it’s time to prove it once again today.

There will be 12 tournaments this month, and we’re aiming to win them all. If we can this one, it will be the first step in achieving our goal. People say the community’s dying, but we’re certainly not, so it’s time to take advantage of the situation and do what we have done in the past, become the greatest.


It’s Our Time Now

|| Fear The Salsa ||


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