President’s Address #5


Greetings Citizens of Nachonnia,

Welcome to the fifth edition of President’s Address where I’ll review the week, and give our plans for the next. This week, we won our first tournament of this year and managed to get first on the CP Army Central Top Ten

Read on for the rest of the President’s Address!

Review of The Week



AUSIA Training Session 

MAX: 12 || AVERAGE: 10

Size: Decent || Tactics: Bad||

Event Rating: 6/10

We had an AUSIA Training on Fjord, but we were raided by Centaur shortly after. Anyway, good event guys!

Man Vs Machine Part III

Max: 30 || Average: 27

Size: Good|| Tactics: Good

Event Rating: 7/10

We managed to hold a tournament training event on CP, but were raided by the Purple Republic shortly after, anyways it was a decent event.

Raid of CPPS.ME

Max: 25 || Average: 23

Size: Good || Tactics: Good

Event Rating: 6/10

We held a training session on Gangsta’s Paradise and raided some players. It was a good event and we managed to max 25 and average 23.


Max: 23 || Average: 20

Size: Decent|| Tactics: Good

Event Rating: 6/10

We held an Invasion of North Pole. We didn’t too well, but it was decent.

Tournament Training

Max: 30 || Average: 28

Size: Excellent|| Tactics: Good

Event Rating: 8/10

We had an amazing tournament training where we managed to max 30 and average 28. It was great and we need more events like this on weekdays. Keep it up Nachos!

Fiesta on Blizzard


Max: 20 || Average: 18

Size: Bad|| Tactics: Bad

Event Rating: 6/10

This was a terrible event, but we ended up rebuilding and doing amazing on Saturday.

Hunt & Kill Vs Thugs & Army Republic

Max: 37 || Average: 35

Size: Excellent|| Tactics: Excellent

Event Rating:9/10

We had our tournament battle against Army Republic and Thugs, we did amazing. We were able to lock out Purple Republic and come out victorious. Great Job Nachos! I’m really proud of you all, let’s continue our success!

This Week’s Rating: 8/10

We had a week of ups and downs, but at the end we came out on top and won the tournament. Great job Nachos, we just need to be more consistent with sizes and tactics, then no one will be able to defeat us!

Image result for troop of the week

This week’s Troop of The Week Award goes to GraffitiNachos! Graffiti has been working really hard this week and has earned Moderator in the monthly promotions. He should be an role model for all members who want to know how to contribute towards the army.

Moderator of The Week: Celtic

Celtic has been recruiting, attending events and hyping all week. Good job and keep it up Celtic. You’re doing a great job!

Question of The Week

Who really created Nachos?

(Whoever Answers This Correctly gets a cookie!)

Poll of The Week

Aim of This Week

The aim of this week is to recruit and rebuild, using the same formula we used this week. We’re going to keep doing this until we’re getting 25-30 at every event on weekdays and hitting 40+ on Saturdays. This is our time to cement our position at the top of the community, it’s not over yet, it’s only started!

~Verum, President of The Nachonnian Empire

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  1. the answer to the question is jamesbond1

  2. Tomwolf

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