Operation: The Fire Rises

Greeting Nachos,

Throughout this week, we’ll be striving to max 25 in every event during the week for UK and 20 for US. We’ll have a birthday celebration on Saturday where we’ll aim to hit 35. Every owner needs to be online and recruiting as much as possible, hype every event like it’s a tournament and recruit like it’s the biggest event in Nacho history. We can’t sit back and rest because we hit 37 at the tournament, we still need to be moving forward and doing the best we can. Moderators need to be as active as possible and welcome recruits when they come to chat.

Members, when you’re active on chat and keep the chat active by talking, there’s a bigger chance of you earning a promotion than just coming on for events. Whenever you’re playing Club Penguin, make sure to come onto chat. Also commenting on site, shows you’re active as well.

Together we can usher in a new age and retain our position at the top. Let’s do this Nachos!

We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas!

~Verum, President of The Nachonian Empire

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