Inauguration of Cookky2

Cookky has been one of the best Nachos this year and has put blood, sweat and tears into the army. He deserves leader more than anyone right now and is the future of this army. As I’m temp retired along with Dan101, he is going to be your new leader. He has worked so hard these past months and is working on establishing a Golden Age. If anyone’s going to continue what we’re doing right now, while I’m temp retired, it’s Cookky2. This army was built on people like him and he will be rewarded for his hard work and effort. Congratulations Cookky, I’m proud to make you leader of this army and leading with you on my return.

I hereby, transfer my executive powers as President to Cookky and temporary resign as Nacho Commander and President of The Nachonnian Empire. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this opportunity! I’m really happy with this. I promise I will try my best to keep this army rising more and more!

  2. Good luck Cookky!

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