One Last Time.


The end is upon us.

Disney has announced that Club Penguin will be closing down on March 29th. This gives us 56 days to go out in a blaze of glory, one last time. 1,344 hours. 80640 minutes. An outrageous number of seconds that I’m not typing out here (4.838e+6). We need to make these last days our best days. I love every single one of you beautiful bastards and I’m goddamned honored to spend these dying days of CP armies with all of you. We’re gonna go out in style, and when March 29th comes, sure it will be very depressing, because this community has been a huge part of my life since ’09 when I first joined this army as a private. But it will also be awesome, because just like during the beginning of CP armies we were the top dog, at the end we will be the top dog. Let’s go out in a blaze of glory.

Also, you can actually tip the iceberg now. Go ahead and do that for a while lol.

One last time nachos.

Till The End,


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  1. oh god.. 😦

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