The End


Well Nachos, This is it…This is the end. I was on Club Penguin tonight and I was waddling around and thinking to myself how many good memories I had here. Not just army battles and events and such I mean having fun with friends. Going home everyday after school calling your friends to get on and play, it was some great times.I remember when I first learned of this online game and I decided to give it a try and fell in love with it! But alas I didn’t have a computer to play on so I used my friends and my families computers to play whenever I could. Then the day came when my same friend told me about this army call the Nachos, So I went on the website and signed up, but I couldn’t stay active so I took a few months off…until the day came when I got my very own family desktop. Then something happened on chat that uhhh lets say “killed my family desktop”(I will tell the story at my end of era post on March 28th) that kept me from coming on anymore (Again I will tell my full story on March 28th).Club Penguin has changed a lot and not for the better but at least they kept it alive and somewhat fun. Today I will admit a little part of me died today, Club Penguin was home to us all at some point of our lives. I am just happy that former leaders and legends are coming back to share the pain/enjoyment of our final days has a official Club Penguin Army. In these next two months I want every Member, Moderator, Owner, Leader, Former Leaders, and Legends too remember the good times that we all have had on that virtual island. And to make our final months something to remember. Until my next post…

PS: I tipped the Berg and found this… 13b883c816194d70a8a6d74200596035


Conno11 Nacho Leader

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  1. Rest In Peace Club Penguin

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