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The Nacho Talk: Cookky2[Read for my state]

Update: Continue reading for my current state/inactivity. I’d love if you all read what I wrote.

Hello Nachos,

Welcome to the second edition of The Nacho Talk! This month, I will be talking with Cookky2. He has been in the army for quite a while, and is now a General, aka 2ic. Continue reading for the conversation!


★The Interview★

Lego: Hello Cookky!

Cookky: Hello Legofan Cy.

Lego: You are a temporary leader of the Nacho Army. How does it feel to have that small advantage over the other owners?

Cookky: I feel like I have realised a dream since a Leader is the highest position in the army, but at the same time I have a big responsibility.

Lego: What do you think could make this army better? Do you plan on attempting to do that when you’re leader?

Cookky: We’re almost a perfect army. Our UK division is the best in CPA and our AUSIA keeps rising. This army is full of fun. The only thing we need is to improve our US division. #MakeUSDivisionGreatAgain. And yes, I will try to make it better when I get leader.

Lego: How do you plan on retiring? Will you have a goodbye event? Or maybe a special giveaway?

Cookky: I want to stay in this army as longer as I can. If I have to retire someday, I will try to do something that would symbolise all the good times I had here.

Lego: You’ve attended tons of events, What is your favourite type of event? Why?

Cookky: Tournament Battles. Because in tournaments all the armies try their best, which gives us awesome battles where we have to be perfect if you want to win. 

Lego: How do you think CPA will close and how would you feel if it did?

Cookky: When CP announces its shutdown many armies will start doing the same. I guess the biggest and strongest armies will stay until the end. But if it ends, I won’t be sad because I know we made an excellent history here for 10+ years.


As you can see, Cookky is very ambitious about his future career. Now that he got inaugurated to the Leader, and less than two months of CP remaining, he will hope for the best.


My current status

First of all, I deeply apologize for not attending the event that was especially for me. That day, on Monday, I was behaving bad at my English Lessons, and the principle called my mum and grumbled. She told my dad, and they both agreed to take my laptop and tablet, AGAIN. Well, there are 2 months of CP’s life, and I hope we move to a Private Server, or at least, keep coming on chat and talk, because I love you guys, all of you. You are my family, and I will never forget each second we’ve spent together. I might try get my laptop back, but I’m sick and tired of my parents’ actions. My life sucks, and if I had to choose between me dying or anyone of you dying, I’d choose me. Now make me happy, and max more than ever, more than LT, IW, DCP and RPF. Close this wonderful era with a bang. Never give up, Nachos, finish this with a big golden age, as big as my love to this Army.


Lego’s Fact of the day: Did you know that some believe that our creator, Jamesbond1, is thought as fake by some, as well as that some think we opened in January 2007, while we opened in August 2006?!?!?!


Legofan Cy~Nachos Slave and Lover

3 Responses

  1. James1bond is fake and we did open in February 2007

  2. I don’t support u Derek and your nazi stuff I’m supporting North Korea

  3. hehe..nice convo!

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