Declaration of War on the Army of Club Penguin

The greatest rivalry in armies was the Nachos and ACP. Both armies dominated the community for 6 years until ACP’s downfall. Before armies die, this great rivalry must be reignited and a last war between the opposing sides must be fought. We don’t care if RPF claim to own your servers, this isn’t about servers, it’s about a last great war between the two of us. Let’s be victorious Nachos!

Terms of War:

Nachos will go on the offensive for one day and the ACP for the next day.

The war will last two weeks, considering the community’s going to be dead, we don’t want to be hold up in a war for the last remaining two months.

No more than two invasions per day, this war is about fun not about using loopholes around the place.

Fight to the death, don’t log off just because you’re small.

No flame posts, this isn’t about hating the other side, it’s about fun.

Allies are permitted as long as they both fight together not on different servers at the same time.

INVASIONS HAVE BEEN POSTED. We will Invade using normal tactics, and defend using 2007 Snowball Warfare. Let’s do this Nachos! One last war to decide who is the Greatest Army, Nachos or ACP, you choose!

One Response

  1. we’ll do it! 😀

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