Anti Flen Petition

Today Flen defaced CPA Central and tried to act like he was some crusader using his “hacking” skills to bring justice to armies. In reality, Flen’s some poor Indian kid who lives in a little apartment and has to beg off UMA for money. He’s just a laughing stock that claims he’s some OG IW Veteran when no one likes him and ever will. Nachos are not recognising Flen as a human being because he’s too much of a degenerate to deserve that honour. He will be banished from our chat and we hope other armies sign this petition.

~Verum, President of Nachonnia

8 Responses

  1. I agree with this :’)

  2. I am in man, let the script kiddie pay the price 🙂

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    Yep this is just terrible, GG Flen – UMA will not save you this time.

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  5. poo in the loo

  6. This guy is a known indian who lacks english speaking skills and a well known defacer. It’s CPAC’s fault for letting such an idiot into CPAC.

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    Damn son

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