Declaration of War on The Rebel Penguin Federation

The Nachonnian Empire hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Elmikey decided to steal one of our troops and we’ll retaliate. According to the treaty, RPF receives all our servers which stands at none right now, so congratulations. I am now the Fuhrer of the Nachonnian Empire and any owner who is inactive for the rest of the week will be banished and fired from the army. We will take every RPF server and show them the wrath of Nachos. Elmikey is a coward and the enemy who needs to be destroyed at all costs. THE FLAG OF NACHONNIA WILL FLY OVER TUXEDO



2 Responses


  2. I knew this was coming Nachos. No wonder that you guys banned me the last time I showed up on your chat. Either way, I have no hard feelings over this war, but RPF has decided to ignore you guys. You guys are lucky that you guys don’t have to get bot raided lmao.

    Feel free to meet us on CPPS, but if you guys choose to invade on Club Penguin, go right on ahead. RPF won’t stop you (unless the leaders decide to act on it).

    I must also show some respect too, since I am a man of honor. All I request is that I am able to visit Nacho chat whenever I want because deep down, I swear no harm to any army. Anyways, may this war end in peace soon.

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