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PG-13 Read with Caution

Alright, so I guess the entire purpose of CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES has been erased, considering that we have less than two months of the game left, and no army wants to fight a war in an honorable way.

Look at RPF. How much more of a pussy can you be, RPF? You’re not apart of the community anymore, we’re apart of the “CLUB PENGUIN ARMY” community, you’re apart of the “CLUB PENGUIN PRIVATE SERVER ARMY” community. At this point, armies should just close down now. RPF claims to be the greatest, best, biggest, toughest, and any other superlative adjective that denotes power in Club Penguin. They’re not any of those adjectives anymore, because they’re not playing Club Penguin, they’re playing CPPS.me. The whole premise of war that your beloved creator introduced to army was the nation, in which an army controls servers just like a country controls territory.

Now that servers “mean nothing to you” , you’re just gonna fucking jerk each other off on CPPS.me? You know, Verum declared war on you guys, because we thought you guys would at least fight us on Club Penguin. The Army of Club Penguin already given us the ultimate pussy war, and we didn’t expect another one to come from you shit stains.

I mean, come the fuck on. Are you afraid of 50 “Purple Republic” bots created by a bunch of shit heads? Is that your real reason why you won’t fucking use the game which the community is based. Come the fuck on. And if you really think you’re going to make the community last on CPPS.me, you have no brain.

So now that armies like RPF have set the trend of jerking each other off on CPPS.me, where there’s no servers, and it’s pretty impossible to distinguish a multilog, the community is a dead man walking.

The all powerful Rebel Penguin Federation refuses to fight the weak and inferior Nacho Army that defeated them 4 times in the past year. The all powerful, greatest army of all time, the Rebel Penguin Federation hasn’t proved we’re weak and inferior, because they haven’t seen anything yet.

According to Silverburg, putting the Nacho Army in a state of war can result to the ultimate collapse. What the fuck are you armies waiting for, you have less than 2 months left to fight each other and fucking beat the living fuck out of each other, and you want to jerk each other off, and pretend the community is going to last beyond March 31? Good luck.

According to Silverburg we were allies, when much of the armies population hates you servile scum. The Nacho Army accepts apologies, but the Nacho Army won’t accept apologies from cowards.

Here’s some lube,

Image result for lubricant

hope you have fun jerking each other off on cpps. I urge you to fight us in a war. We thought you’d give us something.




5 Responses

  1. but everytime kevin says “jerk off” it gets faster

  2. what a bunch of pussies you are

  3. I’m not surprised at this post, but seriously, with the ******* Purple Republic bot raiding the entire CP (Even online bot recruiting), what can we do? All I know is that if we ever show up on CP, we’ll have to fight idiotic bots.

    • I used to be in Purple Republic, and I can tell you they are NOT recruiting. If anything they recruit off from 4chan. They want to fight you cuz RPF is such a “big deal” and you’re practically useless against this army.

      Now I am a helper of some sorts 😛
      Yeah they forgave me.

      You cant win against bots, RPF is too weak for that.

      Online recruiting is an obvious lie, dont fall for it.

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