Sexy Tactics Session on Fjord + a PSA

Hola nachos! Today we had a surprise tactics session on Fjord led by yours truly 😉 .We maxed a good 10 troops. The tactics were wonderful, speedy and you were all very responsive. Good job everyone!

J Bomb Thing.png

HOWEVER, I need to put something out there about this event. What was SUPPOSE to happen was it was a split event. Half of the event was the training session, and the other half was a recruiting session with a U-Lead as a reward for good behavior. But, all the troops ran away when we went to recruit. You guys were going to have an awesome U-Lead if you were good, but you blew it by not logging on to help recruit when we specifically asked for everyone to come help. There are times when recruiting is owners-only, but recruiting sessions are meant for everyone to work together. This army is not going to get any bigger or better if the owners are carrying all the weight of recruiting. When we schedule a recruiting session, YOU ALL HAVE TO LOG IN AND HELP IF YOU ARE ONLINE TO ATTEND THE EVENT. We’re an army, we function together or not at all.

Anyway, for more pictures from the tactics session, click “Continue Reading” and make sure to drop a comment if you were here.


Rook didn’t want any 😦





Also a special picture for Cookky in which he led a tactic from his car


Pictures were from Bluey and myself.

It was a business doing pleasure with you today and always Nachos 

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Retired 2ic


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  1. I came to it!

  2. I was there

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