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Defense of Feeyord [Sent with disappointment]

Nachos, we lost today.

It’s always good to get the bad news out of the way, you know? We lost, and we had unacceptable numbers on Club Penguin for a UK Saturday event. We had about 15, and RPF had at least 25. This was also our Capital, Fjord. But who cares right? Some of you don’t. Our days are numbered gentleman (and ladies). If you wanna put up crappy numbers for our final days, that’s up to you. But I’ve grown up in an environment where finishing strong is the only way to finish.

That’s enough negativity though. Lets move forward, lets get our capital back, and lets beat RPF for the (Insert number, I’ve lost track) time. We all know we’re capable of it, it’s just a matter of pure execution. If we get the numbers, we can do it. Thanks to those who attended.

There just isn’t much else to say…


4 Responses

  1. I’m real sorry amigos. I would have been there but my parents force me to go on long and buy a tree for our backyard but I promise next time I will attend the battle. Also I don’t think it’s very fair that not very many people showed up I mean seriously Club Penguin may be in its final days but this is our childhood we deserve to defend it so shame on you all of those who didn’t show just because you thought that you didn’t need to and it wasn’t important because Club Penguin is closing soon.

  2. It’s just disappointing I’ve been playing Club Penguin since the beta days when I was seven so it’s just really upsets me to see if people abandoning the game so early even if it is closing you still should play and have fun and waddle on.

  3. I came!

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