it really is a different world over there
this was only 15 minutes of the conversation


21 Responses

  1. i have been enlightened

    • this is the real news right here, the news rpf won’t show you

  2. wtf this is all fake, i was in the convo and know 100% u just edited the words. One of our troops didn’t do so well on the ACT so he felt like killing himself and ELM said not to kill himself over a stupid test. Literally u cunt bags can go yelling and screaming all u want. But its a a VERY FUCKING LOW ASS BLOW AND PUSSY MOVE to take a fucking screenshot, edit it and call it the truth. Srsly u guys gotta grow some balls, and act like fucking men. Or at least have some little grain of honor in an argument. U started this stupid war over some pretty petty shit and now ur just rambling on over every stupid little thing anyone does. Club Penguin Armies seriously used to be fun, but now its just about u fucking toxic 5 year olds thinking ur tough behind ur computer screen.

    • i cant believe you said gays are bad people… what kind of a person do you think you are?

      • we never said that, u edited it to show me saying that u dumbfuck

        • http://imgur.com/a/fbW2G cant fake your own account friend


            • whos account is that then

              • its my account, but i never said “Gays=Bad” u just edited to show that someone did. You edited a whole bunch of the dialogue on the chat. That is called propaganda

              • i cant make propaganda if you and the others typed it.

                i also have a picture of you attempting to summon the devil to rpf chat.

        • Why would anyone, besides Elmikey, waste their time editing a picture for Club Penguin Armies

          • thats what im saying

  3. Preach

  4. Mhm. Sure. Well, have fun with that. By the way, this doesn’t show anyone’s id’s.

    • cheese admitted to being in the convo

  5. This is fucking crazy

  6. But then again, so is RPF. Fuckin and crazy.but watever.

  7. I swear to god everything that comes out of that cheese kid’s mouth takes 5 years off my lifespan.

    • Ima just keep talking then

    • one less nacho to worry about.


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