BREAKING NEWS: Original RPF “Muscle” Photo Found

The children screamed in horror! Even the Nacho soldiers couldn’t help but look away! The ghastly image of the Rapist Peng-Fag on steroids was circulating the Fjord Town square.

You know what I’m talking about. Pony mentioned it in a recent post here.


But what you don’t know is that this is an edited version of the real photo, accidentally taken by Elmikey one morning during his daily routine in which he prepares to log on to CP.

Thanks to Cheeseater13, who personally sent me this photo and requested it be posted on our site, I present to you the original, unedited version:



Yes it all makes sense now, you can see how the image on their site is conveniently cropped at the waist. Once again thank you Cheeseater13, who says he was assisted by Jason17125, Zottfffss, and Roboknight60, for sending us this photograph of your leader.

This has been shitpost central news, until next time.

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