The Importance of Legends Cup

Nachos, we’ve got a big battle against the Ice Warriors on our hands this Saturday. It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you all attend. Legends cup has always been a major event around here, and considering this is the very last one, we can’t just give up and say “oh, there’s always next year!” The time is now to step up and finish our Club Penguin experience with a bang! Not to mention, there are some pretty awesome rewards lined up for you guys if we do a good job! Including one I’ll be adding: if we win Saturday, I’ll make a fully colored, full page drawing for the Nachos and post it on the site for everyone to see and use for whatever they’d like.

Lots of us, including myself, want to see this army shine before there’s no more time left for it to. Please do your best to attend and get ready to rumble!

~Pony Eee / Till Wurner, Retired 2ic

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