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The Fire Rises

Salve, Nachos

After expressing little confidence in ourselves two hours before the battle, things changed as more and more people arrived to the battlefield. By 30 minutes before the battle, we were in good shape to take on the Ice Warriors. We logged on at about 3:15 after some pre-battle tailgating in the forts, and entered the room in force at about 3:31. I was designated to lead the battle, however as a non member, I unfortunately suffered a lockout. Leading the battle blind, the army triumphed in the cove outnumbering the Ice Warriors by a significant margin.  We decelerated slightly at the Stadium, however we still had a few more in the size category with similarly executed tactics. By battles end, we had won in a 5-1 vote by CPAC.  We maxed around 35 according to Beeky, and we had Stone record a video.


But……..big butt. This was only the semi finals, and next week is going to be a hell of a lot harder. Enjoy this victory, but keep your humility, because next week is a whole different ball game.

Thanks to Cookky for pictures:

Edit: More pictures added! Thanks and credit to CPAC.

Picture of lockouts:

If anybody has more pictures, please, please, please add them. Like we got no goddamn pictures.

Nice job Ice Warriors


8 Responses

  1. Only made it into the cove but Good job nachos!! ❤ :c

  2. I came to it!

  3. Congrats Nachos! I unfortunately had to leave pretty early on + got locked out for the time I was online, but I’m so proud of you all! Guess I’m making some art for you guys, as promised 💖

  4. I came!

  5. I came!

  6. good work nachos
    less than a month to go!

  7. Well done Nachos! I could only come for a few minutes 😦 We did amazing, onto the final!

  8. Also a screenshotted a photo from Stone’s video which you might want to add: https://ibb.co/bKaaYv

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