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Nacho Hub: Truth About LC Semi-Finals || Plea to Bluesockwa2

FJORD, Zing King To’s Nacho Army Base – Hey guys. For weeks now, Funks and Sammie have attempted to bastardise the CPA Central Legends Cup tournament. This is really starting to annoy me now because this tournament isn’t CPAC’s. It’s ours. This was our last chance to really show off our skills and to really have some event we could be proud of and have fun at, but guys like Funks and Sammie have ruined that for us.

Now, firstly – let’s start by talking about the Thugs vs. Light Troops battle that just took place. The winner of that battle will go on to face the Nacho Army next week in the finals. For this reason, I was online CPA Central chat and Club Penguin watching eagerly to find out who I’d be helping to lead against next week as both Thugs and LT are great armies in their own rights.

With that being said, a few hours prior to the tournament starting – I saw several… worrying comments by CPA Central CEO Sammie, as well as comments from Kingfunks4 closer to the battle. They were talking about how great it would be to have a tie in the LT-Thugs battle as it would lock out bots next week. While it would help to lock the bots out, surely CPA Central wouldn’t rig a vote just so that they can lock out bots haha, it’s not going to be a tie… Then it got weird, as soon as Funks and Sammie had both claimed that a tie would be excellent, a staff meeting was called…

…Then the results came in. Weirdly enough? The results were a tie. You see what I’m getting at? Both CEO’s wanted a tie, a staff meeting was called and then suddenly – the result is a tie? So here’s what I’m suggesting. I believe that CPA Central decided the results of this battle, hours before it actually happened. Now, the evidence of this being the case is certainly stacking up which means… CPA Central is detirmining results before the battle even happens – I invite you to ponder how that is fair for either the Light Troops or Thugs?

Did you attend that battle? Because if you did, you just wasted over an hour of your time, because this shit is more pre-determined than WWE.


Now, despite the fact I was fired on CPA Central, I still have a lot of Journalistic Faithful, who have realised how awful Sammie is and has alerted me to the fact that CPAC are once again going to be running a special report on me. It appears custom to now hold a Special Report based on the mere whim of an idiot trying their very hardest to drag my career into the dirt.

Bluesockwa2 – this is where you come in. Now, this special report accusing me of a botter, now as I’m not a botter – I know full well that your staff have no concrete evidence against me. After all, you can not prove something that did not happen. With this in mind, I am asking – please do not let Sammie and Funks publish anything to CPA Central about me being a bot raider until you’ve read it as well as approved it.

If an unapproved post is made in regards to me “bot raiding”, you will be allowing Fake News on your site. With this in mind, I am now asking that you do not allow any Special Reports on your site that haven’t been checked directly by you, while you and I don’t always get on – I respect the fact that you’ve got a brain. So, please – only post it if the evidence is good enough, which it won’t be.

Zing King To

The Peoples Choice for CEO

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  1. Just want to say I was on LT chat and every room change they got 5-6 seconds before

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